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Webcam fuck iceland show. I enjoyed seeing red barns, cows and sheep grazing, and remembered how I’d once thought about becoming a farmer, but got married to someone not interested in living off the land and my life went in a different direction.

Still, what had made me suddenly take off baffled me, yet, at the same time, it was exhilarating to be following my sudden urge. Why the hell not, you’re only young once, I thought and looked up at several chicken hawks gliding high over the fields and realized I wasn’t that young anymore and every day counts.

This was so unlike me. I had no plan, no map and didn’t care where I ended up.

After all these years of doing what was expected, getting married right out of college, having two daughters, now grown, teaching at the same school for twenty years, coming home every day to a dying marriage and finally divorcing, I was weary of the plainness and safety of my life. Webcam fuck iceland show.

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